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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  December 3, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>>hearing from police and from ward's mother about this incident kron four's dan kerman joins us live from our newsroom tonight. but what we're learning. >>rosa police investigators now investigating this custody death following the struggle between the victim and sonoma county sheriff's deputies in sebastopol police. investigators say david's ward's vehicle had been reported stolen. those somehow he was able to recover it. deputies were not aware of this when they attempted to pull the vehicle over the wednesday before thanksgiving. investigators say a sonoma county sheriff's deputy tried to pull over what they thought was a stolen vehicle at 5 54 wednesday morning near bloomfield road in murray road. >>but after initially stopping the driver sped away. speeds reached over 70 miles per hour before the pursuit ended at 6 oh 2 at sutton road. when the vehicle was boxed in by sheriff's deputies in sebastopol police. investigators say when the vehicles owner david ward refused to exit the vehicle. a
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struggle ensued between ward and law enforcement, a struggle which ultimately proceeded ward's death. >>they give you more sacks the vehicle and she did not and one way try to remove through the driver's window of the vehicle which was rolled down and i think there was trouble i drew trouble to the deputies got bits by mister war and use force which deputies force for jeanne taser as well a crime or training and her son by weapons characterize his arms hands knees. >>ward was eventually removed from the vehicle when another officer broke the front passenger window and opened that door. investigators say he was placed in handcuffs but it's 6.10 a deputy reported ward stopped breathing a little over an hour later ward was pronounced dead at petaluma valley hospital. the question now is was the use of force too much. >>you'll to turner whether it is for speeding and lost the initiative turns off. >>the victim's mother tells
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kron 4 news why were they so rough with him tasering him and that hold it makes me want to cry he was disabled, he couldn't get out of the car. it would take him 10 minutes his body was broken. ernestine more goes on to say her son had a heart problem, a hole in his heart, he said in a wheelchair, most of the time and had to take oxygen. and when they put the hold on him i assume they cut off his oxygen. ernestine ward says she doesn't plan to sue she just wants the truth to come out santa rosa police say. >>tragic outcomes like this are the last thing anyone wants which is why their investigation will be thorough and will likely last a couple of months live in the newsroom. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>in the south bay thieves crashed a truck into a jewelry store then smash cases and grab handfuls of jewels on.
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>>it happened right on main street in los altos the store has been broken into at least twice before but never quite like this kron four's rob fladeboe talked with the store owner. >>most brazen breaking anyone can remember occurring in los altos surveillance video time stamp look to 30 sunday morning shows how thieves used a truck to smash their way into marcel jewelry design here on main street. >>the video shows at least 2 people wearing masks then use some kind of tools. 2 smashed display cases to get out the jewelry. the owner does not want to be identified, but says his store has been broken into twice before in recent months showed up in the morning are the cops up in the 11 minutes after it happened. >>and i saw it and so while this time they ran a truck last time they broke the windows. >>the time before they try to come through the roof. >>the owner would not disclose what was taken or its value. los altos police said the
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truck wasn't an reported stolen vehicle, the thieves were in and out of the store in a matter of seconds says sergeant eric bardwell. >>you got somebody on patrol i would imagine that makes want to use one minute away he was driving right through there. he would have been 60 seconds sooner for any reason he would watch it. >>and for this to happen to one of our vendors is just. customers and passers by expressed outrage ourselves owner who has cancer is being targeted by thieves. >>police said they're hunting multiple suspects because the video also shows a fleeting glimpse of a possible getaway car outside suggesting there were others involved. the store owner says he is off to hawaii for a time to come to last and to consider whether it may be time for you to close the store and retire. >>all the people come up and say how are my customers. i've been here 42 years i a lot of followers and. that's just part of life. you know you take the bumps on the road and
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continued on in los altos rob fladeboe kron 4 news. big story we're following tonight after days of gusty winds and heavy downpours today's breaking the stormy weather gave crews time to clean up. >>before the next round of rain that's expected to come back in as soon as tomorrow, it's the calm before the next storm in our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the forecast so little time to dry out and then we get wet again we're right back into this. that's what we're seeing right now is part of the same storm that affected this this weekend at the core that low is going to sweep into southern california while it moves into southern california. the rotation around that the counter clockwise rotation, we'll bring these bands of rain back into the bay area so certainly we're going to see that southern california they're watching out for the possibility of some flash flooding in san bernardino possibly in san diego county. some heavy rain is expected to move through there and even some thunderstorms. now off the coastline, we've got a stronger storm beginning to develop you see that low coming in the gulf of alaska that is going to merge with some of that moisture to the
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south. in those 2 going to combine and head toward the bay area on friday to bring us another round. some heavy rainfall in fact this one again going to be a lot of rain in fact some of the valley's i think in the north bay, maybe one maybe 3 inches of rain over the mountain tops as much as 4 inches or so, but you see a lot of heavy rainfall around the bay area not only that we're going to see those gusty winds again put will roll through time here you can see the winds begin to pick up in all the color start to roll in the right here at the very end here comes that storm system moving on shore winds gusting 3040 plus mph near the coastline looks like we're going to be cleaning up from the storm system as well that's latest guys back to you. thank you ron. >>jose police arrested a high school coach accused of inappropriate acts with a child police said bruce shelton served as the wrestling coach at oak grove high school for more than 35 years. shelton is also a former food service worker at the school back in october detectives received information that shelton engaged in inappropriate
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behavior with a minor police arrested him at his home on monday. >>a heads-up for drivers in the east bay caltrans says work crews need to conduct annual fire extinguisher inspections on all 4 call to cut tunnels. those overnight inspections will close tunnels starting tonight. bor one traveling eastbound will be closed starting tonight at 9 30 until tomorrow morning at 4.30 board to also heading eastbound will be closed starting wednesday night into thursday. more 3 heading westbound will be closed starting thursday night into friday and bore for traveling westbound will be closed starting next tuesday into the following morning. >>thousands of dollars worth of high and beauty products are being carried right out of stores here in the bay area, the merchandise is being shoplifted and from more than one location. that's according to an employee who talked with kron four's haaziq madyun today. >>a couple of the young ladies. grab mean fragrances
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coming into their back. they're shoplifters. >>you're looking at cell phone video of a a pair of women who appear to be doing some major shoplifting inside of this so far a store in parliament there anything that's the luxury to good key to your son now. >>burberry tory burch. >>this video was recorded on friday november 22th 2019 one week later on black friday, the same pair of shoplifting suspect was spotted inside of this so far a store. >>they don't even bother to hide their faces. >>for a sales associate who wants to remain anonymous says these women are part of a crew of female shoplifters targeting some 4 stores all over the bay area. >>dave food, a lot of the san francisco area on the north bay as well east bay, dr. happens me to pay top but
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recently is just getting worse and worse to the point that they know how we work in the store, they know. >>what you know. well we're not allowed to do they know there were 2. you know stop them for anything that we just have to let them go. >>i spotted this police car patrolling the parking lot outside of he store in cordova death. >>i really do hope somebody recognize them not to 3rd memes off you know all is just wrong of them doing and i think is one thing to be stopped if you think you recognize the women in this video. >>you're asked to contact your local police department asic monday on kron 4 >>the 2 founders of google are stepping down counters larry page and sergei brin will step away from their roles with the parent company alphabet google's ceo sundar pichai will stay on in his role and also become ceo of alphabet page had been serving as ceo of alphabet while bryn was
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president of alphabet both founders promised to stay active as board members and shareholders. report a blast pga poised to failures and violations that led to the devastating camp fire in butte county in the utility is said to. >>if a state regulators again what to expect next. >>and vera same for san francisco and a disgusting cleanup job for crews. the increased effort to clear city streets of human waste. >>and just ahead a bay area boy scout troop ripped off of thousands of dollars money the scouts were using for a christmas fundraiser. we'll tell you what happens ne
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>>trees until friday morning. when the truck showed up. >>a troop of boy scouts in oakley scammed out of more than $5,000. it was the money that they paid upfront for christmas trees that the scouts were going to sell. it
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appears that money was pocketed by the person they contracted to provide the trees. >>but as kron four's tells us the truth has still managed to open up their lot. >>stephen demarco with boy scouts troop one 52 and oakley says months ago he secured a contract with who turned out to be a wholesaler in nevada to facilitate the purchase and delivery of christmas trees from washington and oregon to oakley it's a $19,000 contract. the true paid $5200 up front. but when the delivery crews went to pick the trees up last week. they were nowhere to be found has pretty >>pretty disappointed the deceived. boy scouts their voice and mean you're talking 11 a 16 year-old boys, this is their fundraiser for the whole year that's not stopping the truth from continuing on with its fundraiser, the tree lot opens sunday at saint anthony's catholic church, the marco managed order 396 trees
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for sale. well, shy of the 800 they typically have and he's paid close to $5,000 out of his own pocket to make it happen even though we did our research and investigation. they be awesome. and demarco says the scammer hasn't returned any phone calls or messages. he's now relying on the community's generosity to still make the tree lot a success people are really great. >>they've always been buying our trees some of them don't even like the they find them because they know goes to a good cause. some of the people know that what happened and so they've been giving the boys donations and a lot will stay open until all of the trees are gone. >>you know, gleefully cheered all kron 4 news. >>story tonight, california senator kamala harris has
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ended her 2020 presidential campaign she told her senior staff about the decision this morning. and later sent an email to her supporters. the senator acknowledged that financial pressures led to her decision saying she could not fund her campaign. earlier today on kron on and we heard from political analyst michael jockey on senator harris's decision to drop out of the race. >>you know campaigns have a certain life cycle to them. you need money you need volunteers, you need a good candidate. i was was not a bad candidate. she certainly didn't seem to have much money and then when that the article came out about her campaign staffs. i mean that was going to make that was going to make it so that she would get any volunteers and then you're basically in a death spiral. i think that she realized that and took the early and dignified way out. >>and they they have some pretty harsh things to say i was following it over the certainly hurtful i talking about her sister talking about the disarray of the campaign, i mean not good right.
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>>this is a very different situation running for president. and i said before on kron on the kron 4 that. calm was never really had a tougher case. so when you don't have to freeze is you can be forgiven. you know pickups are glitches are even this function. your campaign apparatus. when you're running for president united you you have no margin for error. >>to watch the full interview with our analyst michael yockey make sure to download the kron on app you can download the app right now from your favorite app store. >>we are following up with the genie and lawmakers after recent investigation showed that the utility company violated several state regulations was equipment that sparks the camp fire to libya. >>also faces regulators again this week over the controversial and massive electric power shut off. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains fijian these latest set of hurdles.
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>>the genie tuesday remaining apologetic for its role in california's camp fire after investigators with the public utilities commission released the report the 700 page investigation outlines 12 ways in which the utility violated state regulations, including failures to properly maintain and inspect equipment that sparked the deadliest fire in state history. investigators say pg e had not properly inspected a tower involved in the fire since at least a 2001. the company also didn't document a reason for the delay state lawmakers say they are not surprised. >>that you county district attorneys could use this more to go. a dizzying speed you need for this behavior of the genie spokesperson says the company has since made strides on equipment maintenance noting it inspected 730,000 structures this year and completed 18 months worth of inspections in a 4 month span. this is yet another week under the microscope for the embattled utility which wednesday will have to face
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state regulators. >>this time to prove why they shouldn't be punished for october's massive power shut-offs. >>the pc 5. >>the utility had no comment on the upcoming hearing in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>the step outside see how things are shaping up on tuesday night at the check was pan am not sure that the right day it's beautiful out there. it is we want to talk to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow he says there's some showers coming down the bay area right now. >>day good out there tonight we do have some scattered showers are popping up around the bay area tonight and we'll see more of that. >>on the way i another band of rain is going to sweep it up into the bay area sfo right now of course they have those major delays just past couple of days, but no delays right now looking good. although we've got mostly cloudy skies and no delays being reported oakland or san jose but look at this storm system this is somewhat unusual this is all part of the same system that brought the rain over the weekend. now the core low as begin to move towards southern california. the rotation
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around that is sweeping up the rain back up in the bay areas will see that on and off tonight and it's tomorrow morning to receive some of those bands move through some heavier amounts moving through parts of the northeast in the pockets. these bands that are kind of moving on by the day bay. hey guess what don't beach are going to see some heavier amounts of rain coming your way as this rain is actually to be sweeping back toward the coast line cc that cell right there and we have seen some lightning strikes embedded in some of the storm so would be unheard of to see some of that lightning this was actually moving away from the coastline, but maybe some lingering showers in the pacifica too. tonight, mostly cloudy scattered showers going to continue then tomorrow, we'll see the morning rain early on and then partial clearing into the afternoon. another strong storm headed our way. speaking of which are already some winter storm watches being posed to maybe another one maybe 3 feet snow above 7,000 feet or so maybe more than that in spots. i think still active out there in the pacific the jet stream all the way down to the south. that's allowed a low pressure center approach southern california. they're looking for the possibility of some flooding rains there. maybe some flash flooding, san
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bernardino down in the san diego county behind that we'll see some that wrap around moisture coming up toward the bay area and then we've got friday and you see that storm system working off the coastline. that will likely bring some heavy rainfall to the bay area. all right overnight tonight, we'll see a few scattered showers sweeping up from the south and is that next band of rain moving in tomorrow morning. so certainly the commute early on tomorrow morning going to be an issue if you're headed out tomorrow planning some raindrops early on as we get toward the afternoon things begin to break up a little bit i think we may even see a sliver sunshine toward lot of part of the day. but a big storm on the rise and we're going to talk more about that storm. coming up in a few you aren't coming up 6.45 with months to go russian hackers are already busy. >>looking to try to sway us voters in the 20 20 election and tonight, some leaders in washington are challenging just how hard the state department is fighting the russians and ready said press that's the name of the new program set to get free hiv medication to those who are uninsured, we have details next.
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>>the us government launched a new program today to provide an hiv prevention drug for free to people who need the protection but have no insurance to pay for it. the program is called ready set prep even though more than 1 million people are at risk of contracting hiv very few people actually take the prep medication to qualify for ready set prep people must tested negative for hiv have a valid prescription for the medications. a prescription drug coverage for more information you can find a link on our web site at kron 4 dot com. >>a new report says that law enforcement nationwide seized more than 500,000 illegal marijuana vape cartridges more than a 120 people have been arrested in the past 2 years for selling those cartridges this comes as a cdc tackles an outbreak of vaping illnesses.
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there have been at least 40 vaping-related deaths and more than 2000 cases of lung injuries. last month, the cdc said vitamin e acetate in combination with thc may be to blame for the national outbreak. >>and cheese could face tariffs next fall. plus parents are frustrated after rain damages 7 east bay classrooms. they say the school should have kept this from happening. and next at 6.30 an increased effort to clean up human waste from san francisco street with the city is doing now in the neighborhoods that need the most help and a whole lot more rain headed our way and some gusty winds too will take
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z3nyaz z1ncz
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y3nyay y1ncy of millions of americans during the recession. so, my wife kat and i took action. we started a non-profit community bank with a simple theory - give people a fair deal and real economic power. invest in the community, in businesses owned by women and people of color,
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in affordable housing. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson politicians in washington could use right now. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. with complaints about human waste littering san francisco sidewalks on the rise, one neighborhood organization is stepping up to clean up more
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often. >>four's maureen kelly reports pressure washing on sidewalks in the tenderloin community is about to be quadrupled. >>walk down, especially the morning time. it's that just looks like. >>that's when our sons about their engine noise, the lockdown students own. >>it's politely referred to as coie brown reports called in about pope either human or animal left on the sidewalk for people to step in the tenderloin has the highest number of 3, 1 one calls for sidewalk. cleanliness issues, including code brown calls. >>so now to help try to battle the grime on the sidewalks the tenderloin community benefit district upping the number of times the 30 square blocks of the neighborhood are blasted with industrial-grade pressure washers for once a month, the once a week this thanks to the fact that the property owners in the area have agreed to continue hanan extra assessment for another 15 years. >>now their street team


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